Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is anaerobic

Cellular processes that do not require oxygen. Energy can be produced in cells without oxygen. Anaerobic GLYCOLYSIS refers to an energy yielding process by which ATP, the energy currency of the cell, is produced from GLUCOSE without the participation of oxygen. As an example, skeletal muscle produces LACTIC ACID and ATP from glucose when oxygen supplied to muscle is inadequate to meet energy needs during strenuous physical exertion.
Accumulated lactic acid is then converted back to glucose during the recovery period following EXERCISE when the oxygen supply is again adequate.
Anaerobic processes are important for certain bacteria as well. Anaerobic bacteria in the intestine grow without oxygen and block the growth of potential disease-producing microorganisms. Anaerobic fermentation of SUGAR by yeast yields alcohol-containing products such as WINE and BEER.

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