Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Nutrition value of Albacore (Thunnus alalunga)

A type of tuna with white meat. Albacore is characterized by a large pectoral (side) fin. One of the smallest tuna, albacore usually weigh less than 40 pounds (18 kg). They are found near the surface of warm or temperate seas throughout the world, where they feed on ANCHOVIES, SARDINES, and other small fish.
Albacore have been called the “chicken of the sea” because their white meat is comparable to chicken in flavor. Albacore is the highest quality canned tuna and is an excellent PROTEIN source. The food value of 3 ounces (85g) (packed in water): calories, 135; protein, 30 g; fat, 1 g; cholesterol, 48 mg; calcium, 17 mg; iron, 0.6 mg; sodium, 468 mg; zinc, 0.94 mg; vitamin A, 32 retinol equivalents; thiamin, 10.03 mg; riboflavin, 0.1 mg; and niacin, 13.2 mg

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